Sunday, January 23, 2011

Still Here!

It's been crazy busy around here and I have sadly neglected my blog, but I'm going to try to do better. Granted, it may just be pictures or a line or two and it definitely won't be daily, but I'll try to post something fairly regularly. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself (well, it wouldn't be the first time, LOL), so if you have a second, leave a comment once in a while.

So I'm doing these "challenges" on Facebook...if you're on Facebook, it's this group. I've entered two of their challenges and won one category both times, so I guess that's pretty good! Even if I don't win, it's good exposure. I'll be entering another one this week, so I'll try to keep you posted.

Now I know you're not going to last too long without a photo, so HOW ABOUT THIS CUTIE!!!
Her name is Peyton (if you click the pic, you can probably read the embroidery) and she is modeling the Big Sister Dress and matching hairbow I made for her. Yes, I said HAIRBOW. I found a way to tie them that is pretty idiot-proof, so even I was able to tie a cute bow. It has a monogrammed covered button in the center of the bow, and there's a coordinating onesie for her brother-to-be...once I upload the gazillion pics on my camera, I'll post that and also some pics of the pink Big Sister dress I made for the granddaughter of someone at work.

We are watching the Steelers game, so I'm going to publish this and pay attention to the game. Check back tomorrow...I'll try to post some pics of things I've made latelY! Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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  1. Welcome Back! I missed you and your adventures. I love keeping up with you though these short blogs. Peyton's dress and bow are so cute. As always, you have out done yourself.