Friday, April 13, 2012

Pinterest - Control Where Your Pins Lead

Okay, maybe everyone on Pinterest already knows this. And if you're not on Pinterest, I'm sure you don't care, LOL. But if you don't and you do, I just figured out how to make sure your pins lead back to where you want.

For example, I had this Make It PINK Treasury (curated by Roxanna of DreamingTreeBeads) that included one of my owls. The picture was stored in my Picasa/Google album:

Cute, no?

I wanted to pin it on Pinterest, but when people click the pin, I wanted it to lead back to the actual treasury, rather than to my album on Picasa.

Anyway, it's really simple to do, so here you go:
1. Go to wherever you want the pin to lead and copy the URL.
2. Go pin whatever it is as you normally would.
3. Click on See It Now.
4. Click on Edit.
5. Where it says Link, paste in the URL you copied.
6. Click Save Pin and WA-LA, you're done!!

Try it. It works!

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