Monday, August 6, 2012

I'd Rather Swim...or Run...or ANYTHING

Maybe I'm just ignorant or naive, but it seems that in many sports, athletes can't totally crash and burn. Not like in gymnastics, anyway. They might not win, but they're not going to totally fail.

I mean, if you know for a fact that your swimming or running time is usually way faster than the rest of the field, then you're pretty well set. Short of sucking in a bunch of water or pulling a hamstring, you're gonna finish okay.

Not so with gymnastics. US Olympic vault specialist McKayla Maroney is widely known as the best in the world.

She usually does this

and gets reactions from jaded judges like this

Unfortunately, yesterday she did this

The NBC jinx commentator had JUST said something like,
"All she needs to do is land on her feet..."

Thanks, NBC.

Maroney STILL got the silver medal. She totally messed up her vault, landing on her rear end, and STILL was only about a tenth of a point behind the winner.

Crashing and burning in gymnastics...
few other sports can compare.

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