Friday, October 21, 2011

Hi and WOW!!

How did I miss AN ENTIRE WEEK???? Okay, first of all, we went to GRANDBABYLAND!!!!!!!!!! This time, it was the SC version of Grandbabyland, so we got to see Avery. I've decided to put a spin on the usual Nannie pics - I am the least photogenic person on earth, so I blurred my face in this one. But I just HAD to show you how HUGE he is!!!!
he is only 8 months old!!!!!!!!!!
We had a FABULOUS time, I can't tell you how much fun we packed into our visit!! Of course, I was uber sad when we got back.

I was also uber sad because I let my husband talk me into stepping onto a scale while we were there and O M G!!!!!!! Therefore, I've been exercising every morning before school.

And now it's ARL time. Here's a link to a post if you want to read about ARL.

This year, I have 130+ 4th and 5th grade kids to place in jobs and lots of new challenges.

So between ARL spreadsheets, ARL ID badges, ARL job lists to post, SmartBoard activities I've created for my class, in addition to exercising each morning, I have not been on the computer much. Anyway, I am BACK and will try to post again tomorrow or Sunday. I'm sorry if you've been checking, only to find NADA!

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