Saturday, October 29, 2011

Stuff that Makes Me Mad, Part One


Average police officer's
annual salary: $48,210
They risk their lives daily,
to save the lives of innocent people.If you divide by 365 days in a year,
that's $132 a day.

Average elementary school teacher's
annual salary: $40,063
We teach kids to read. And write. And do math.
And, increasingly, how to be
a productive citizen
(since a lot of kids are getting
less of that at home.)Divided by 365, that's $109 a day.

Average NBA player's
annual salary: $5,150,000.
They're paid to play 82 games a year.
They're paid to play games.That's $14,109 a day.

And they're on strike because
their salary might drop by 5%.

Poor things will only be left with
$4,892,500 per year.

Only $14,000 more
per day than teachers.

How will they live on only
$59,664 per game?

Do they realize that they will still
make more for ONE of their 82 games
than a police officer or a teacher
makes for an ENTIRE YEAR?

Aren't they embarrassed to be
mad about that salary cut?

I know they have
special athletic talents
that most people don't have.I get that.

But how many lives
have they saved?

How many kids
have they taught to read?

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  1. I have often said that teachers should be the highest paid profession around-- but also one of the hardest professions to ENTER! We are training the next generation. As you mentioned, we are molding the very essence of our future citizens. Ugh... I will stop now. :)