Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Still No Power in CT

The good news: our field trip was maybe the BEST one ever!! This class was SO well-behaved and that is not just me saying that - that came directly from one of the chaperones!! I was proud - they listened well, paid attention, were respectful, followed the rules, etc!
The bad news: there is STILL no power where our daughter-in-law, Sarah, our son, Trevor and our little granddaughter, Zoey live! Thankfully, Sarah's parents were able to loan them a kerosene heater (which is scary, but necessary). And also, Sarah's parents' electricity came back on yesterday, so maybe there is hope in the offing.

It's hard with no electricity when you have a baby! Fingers crossed it will be back on soon. This has been since Saturday.Trevor said they have police officers stationed at both ends of the local gas station - it's one of the few that has power and also has the ability to use credit/debit cards. He said that the line is several blocks long in both directions 24 hours a day! The police are keeping order...(for $132 a day, or whatever. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out my post from Saturday, Oct. 29).

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