Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Things I Don't Understand, Part One

Kim Kardashian's wedding
I do understand that it's her money, to do with as she sees fit. I also understand that she thinks she works hard for it. (Hmmm, try working construction or teaching kindergarten, Kim.) Maybe someone should have told her that it's not about the WEDDING...it's about the MARRIAGE (which, in her case, lasted 72 days.) But anyway, all I can say is that if I EVER had a spare 10 million dollars, I would hope to do some good with it. I would work to stop stuff like this
and thisand maybe do something about thisKind of makes you understand why people in other countries
are sometimes not too fond of Americans.
But we're not all like Kim.
Some of us do stuff like thisand like this.


  1. Thank YOU, Oksana! And I don't even hate Kim. I'm just sort of baffled as to how someone would become a person who WANTED to spend $10 million on a wedding. Baffling to me.