Sunday, March 25, 2012

Your In Trouble With The Grammar Police

Hah, that title is a JOKE.
YOU'RE, not YOUR. I know.

And YES, you do. You know you do.

Grammar errors make me crazy (okay, crazier).
I found this on Pinterest.
Take notes. Test tomorrow, LOL!
And I apologize for the fact that
the graphic is running into the right margin.

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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  1. LOL Yeah, I notice a lot of simple mistakes.
    I try and tell people a few tricks like 'there' and 'where' are places because it has 'here' in them. Of course, that biggie is lose/loose. I try and tell people to lose the extra o. LOL
    Of course, as I get older and I'm typing faster than my brain is comprehending I mix up some of those and I don't hit preview so then I have to go back and edit my posts. LOL
    One thing that bugs me is the use of shorthand. I don't mean like LOL but regular conversational words. U R. Just type out 'you are', people!! Other shorthand things things, too. It's not 'enuf', it's 'enough'. I want to smack sense into people when I see that. I stopped using messageboard shorthand - dh, ds, dd because that's how I'd read them in my head and I didn't want to start talking that way out loud. LOL

    1. Yeah, grammar mistakes make me crazy. Like the common, "Mary's birthday party was fun for she and me." OMG, just eliminate the "me" and you would not say the party was fun for SHE. Loose/lose is way more common that I thought. I continually have people order Tooth Fairy Pillows because their kids are about to loose a tooth. LOL

  2. Well, it's possible they're about to loose a tooth but that would be wrong, too, because it would be 'loosen'. LOL!

    1. LOL, I've have plenty of kids loosen them at school,to the point where they lose them. But I haven't had any loose them, LOL.

  3. This is a very good article! Especially for non-native speakers.
    As for the Dandling Participle - Russian language is also "tricky".

    1. Hi, Oksana! Yes, English is really tricky. There are so many strange spelling rules, too. Like silent e makes the vowel say its name (as in the word 'like', where the e makes the i say the long i sound.) But then, for words like 'favorite', the long e does nothing!

    2. And then there are differences in the English language between countries. LOL