Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nicer Than Me

It occurred to me that my husband is. Nicer than me, that is. In brief: I asked him to make a display thingie for the craft show. My vision was that he would get a sheet of pegboard, cut it in half longways (to make 2 pieces each 2' x 8'), run skinny boards around each section to sturdy them up, hinge them together and WA-LA, a display thingie that I could paint and hang stuff on at the craft show.

So he did that. He did EXACTLY that for me. He even had to add extra boards to sandwich the pegboard to make it more stable. When I finally went into the garage to see it...IT WAS HUMONGOUS. It was so big it scared me. It was SO big it would touch the ceiling in a normal room. (The garage ceiling is higher, but turns out regular ceilings are 8' tall.) I took one look at it and said, "OMG, that is a MONSTROSITY. It's WAY too big and it's unusable like that. Can you cut it down????"

This is when I knew for a fact he is nicer than me. Know what he said? "Sure, that's no problem." SURE, THAT'S NO PROBLEM. Now, if the situation were reversed, would I have been so nice or would I maybe at least have said something sarcastic? Yep, sarcasm.

The only other thing he said was, "At what point did you realize that 8' is really tall?" LOL

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to have some pics for you soon!

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