Thursday, September 29, 2011

How I Know Ann Coulter is The Devil

Okay, she does not LOOK like The Devil.
Well, I take that back,
because I just realized that
I'm not 100% sure what The Devil looks like.
Probably not like this.My husband once commented that if The Devil
walked on earth, he would probably have enough common sense
NOT to look like that.
After all, he's trying to get followers, right?

True, sometimes he does slip up.
Once, he looked like this.

And once he really screwed up and looked like THIS.

So anyway, watch this clip.
You can decide for yourself, but I think
that only The Devil could spout this much venom.
And not even ACCURATE venom.

Dear Ol' Ann needs to come sit in my class.
She can watch my kindergartners,
some of whom have never even held a book
blossom into READERS.

Then she could talk to my little "challenge" that little girl came to sit
beside me. She leaned into me,
touched my arm and stated, "When
I get big, I'm gonna be a TEACHER!"

Hmmm, that little girl went from,
"I HATE SCHOOL!!!!" to
"I'm gonna be a TEACHER!" in 18 days!
I must be doing something right.

Take THAT, Ann Coulter.
How many little lives have YOU touched?

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