Monday, September 5, 2011

Fan Mail for The Tooth Fairy!

Don't you just love it when something unexpected makes your day!?!
You may remember that we include a personalized letter from The Tooth Fairy with every purchase of a Tooth Fairy Pillow.

Well, imagine our surprise and delight when I found The Tooth Fairy found this envelope in our mailbox!! This is the back of the envelope. Note the carefully-drawn hearts and triangles! Inside was a letter from the two little sisters for whom The Tooth Fairy had made the Tooth Fairy Pillows in the picture at the top.

The letter was ADORABLE! The girls wanted to know how I knew The Tooth Fairy knew each of their favorite colors.

They also wanted to know if I like The Tooth Fairy likes paper airplanes, LOL. (When The Tooth Fairy sends a personalized letter with the Tooth Pillow, she folds the letter into a triangle. Not because she likes paper airplanes, but maybe because the triangle shape reminds her of a tooth?? After all, she's a FAIRY and is pretty inexplicable in the first place.)

You know that I teach school, so you can imagine that both The Tooth Fairy and I were very happy that those children are WRITING!! We were also delighted that they took the time to decorate the envelope with hearts and, our favorite...triangles!

I have to run now. The Tooth Fairy wants me to help her write a letter in reply!

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