Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ernie is Right!

Our great friend, Ernie, has been in retail pretty much all of his working life. He contacted me the other day after browsing my Etsy shop and said that he thinks I'm undercharging...he said my prices are too low! At the current rates, I can't afford to offer discounts and discounts are what drive sales up.

So I made a Christmas stocking for our little grandbaby, Zoey. I had this vision of a patchwork side and a side with a cute appliqued pocket...with a wide fleece cuff and BOTH sides monogrammed. Oddly enough, while I was pondering the construction, someone contacted me and wanted a Christmas stocking for her daughter. That was odd enough, since I didn't have Christmas stockings for sale yet. Even odder (more odd, LOL) is the fact that her daughter's name is...ZOEY!! With a Y on the end and everything!!

Long story short, I made two nearly-identical stockings. They are both fully lined and padded with a nice thin batting. They both have the names embroidered on both sides of the cuff. And after I was done, I realized that I had DRASTICALLY undercharged the Etsy lady, because they turned out FABULOUS, if I do say so myself!!

This is the back of Customer Zoey's stocking:
Yes, Quilters, it's all pieced from 2.5" squares - that is NOT "cheater cloth".
This is the front of Customer Zoey's stocking...I could die from the cuteness!. That's a little pocket that can hold a note to Santa or a Christmas list, if you hang it early enough!
Here's the nearly-identical back of Our Zoey's stocking
And the front of OUR Zoey's stocking, again with the ridiculous cuteness!! Zoey's momma liked the idea of a look-alike elf on Zoey's stocking. I even changed the font on the elf's pocket to match Zoey's name!
Yeah, Ernie, I undercharged. I don't even want to say...let me just say that the CUSTOMER told me she had described to her own mom what I was making for her and the MOM said I'd undercharged, LOL!

Thanks for stopping by! Come back tomorrow to see my monogrammed doggie scarf!!!!!!!!

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