Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ho Cubed!

Check out the cute trio of headbands I made for the college-aged daughter of our great friends from Cleveland! I just LOVE this design, but I can also make them with an embroidered monogram instead or any one of literally gazillions (how much is a gazillion?) of the designs I've purchased. They're reversible, so they can also feature two different sassy prints instead of the solid black fabric pictured.
I worked ALL EVENING last night to perfect this design. I found some tutorials, but I was not really happy with how those headbands looked or fit. After about ten designs that I was not satisfied with, I finally created this design, which is wide (about 2.5"), but molds to the head and tapers behind the ears so that the headbands are comfortable to wear. I used cotton fabric with an elastic closure...none of that tight, stretchy headband fabric that winds up giving the wearer a headache!
They make a great stocking stuffer and are available in my Etsy store ON SALE at a reduced introductory price.
Hope you like my latest creation, and thanks for stopping by!

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