Friday, March 4, 2011


My kindergartners this year are hilarious. This actually happened earlier this week and I laughed about it every time I thought about it for the rest of the day.

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Okay, so on to my funny story:
This year, our principal asked us to pre-assess our students, then teach a unit of our choice as usual, then post-assess them and report the data to her. We chose our money unit for the data reporting.
Money is traditionally extremely difficult for 5 year olds. They confuse the similar-looking nickel, dime and quarter. They have difficulty remembering the values, too. And COUNTING a set of mixed coins...let me just say, WOW. The school division knows it's hard. They give us 5 weeks to teach it.

We did money-counting activities on the SmartBoard. We paired up to do money counting activities with our first grade buddies. We counted money EVERY DAY in centers. Despite all that, some of my kids continued to struggle with counting money. I decided to make a little speech in the hope of spurring some competitive juices.

I said, "You guys know that the principal is going to check to see how well we can count money, right?" Nodding of heads. "Okay, let's pretend that when she checks Mrs. M's class...ALL of her kids can count money. Mrs. P's class, all of HER kids can count it. Mrs. R's class, EVERY kid except maybe one can count it. And the same with Mrs. G's class, EVERY kid but one can count it. Then the principal looks at OUR class and geez, ONLY THREE OF MY KIDS CAN COUNT MONEY!!!!!" (Horrified looks from the crowd.)

I continued, "So now what do you think the principal is going to say to me about THAT?!"

Without missing a beat, a little voice from the back piped up,


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  1. OMG, they don't miss a thing, do they? Toooo funny!

  2. Too cute! I just knew that was coming!

  3. I love stories from little ones. I had five of my own and can probably fill a page or two with them. Now I have 6 grandchildren....they are amazing. I must love kids because I also work in a a secretary - and love when they walk into the office - "to speak to the cemetery"...I have been called alot of things...enjoy them.