Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Latest

More hilarity from the same 5 year old urchin who worried that I would be fired because of our math scores (OH, AND BY THE WAY...we were the ONLY kindergarten class to have 100% of our students pass all three money assessments! WHEW!! My job is SAFE, LOL!)
Here is our conversation:

Me: "Let's hurry and finish our work, because the guidance counselor is coming in a few minutes to do a lesson with you guys."

Urchin (with a slight sigh of boredom): "Oh geez, is she going to talk about ((INSERT AIR QUOTES HERE)) 'RESPONSIBILITY' again?!"

Me (trying not to laugh): "No, actually, it will be about ((INSERT AIR QUOTES BACK AT THE URCHIN)) 'PERSEVERANCE' today."


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  1. Love your stories. They brighten my days. I just think back, to how not much has changed over the years, lol