Monday, March 14, 2011

Just Can't Explain

I think I've commented before how my good friend, Helen,
once told me that the love for a grandchild is like no other.
I admit to being sorta puzzled about it then.
I mean, I love my sons above all else in the world
and that was just hard to wrap my brain around.

All I can say is, Helen, I understand now!

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1 comment:

  1. Robin, The love we have for our children is an unconditional love that gets tested and challenged over the years. But, the love for a grandchild is a love that gets to be just a pleasure and a joy. The worries are no longer your everyday worries but your child’s. I think that having grandchildren is truly our time to enjoy the true inner beauty of a child. I just know that you have been blessed twice with 2 wonderful sons and now with 2 beautiful grandchildren. Here is a poem I thought you might enjoy.

    Child of my child,
    Heart of my heart.

    Your smile bridges
    the years between us
    ~I am young again
    discovering the world
    through your eyes.

    You have the time to
    listen and I have the
    time to spend.

    Delighted to gaze at
    familiar, loved features,
    made new in you again.

    Through you, I'll see
    the future. Through
    me, you'll know the
    past. In the present
    we'll love one another,
    as long as these
    moments last.