Saturday, April 16, 2011

C is for CUTE!

Isn't our new baby set that we made as a gift for a friend just the CUTEST thing?!
There's a monogrammed onesie, bib, burpie
and paci leash.
We think a set of four coordinating baby items
would be a great baby shower gift for a
family member or close friend.

This was truly a labor of love...
the little island and especially the little map took FOREVER.
For that reason, we'll be offering the set with matching designs...
in this case, it will be the pirate alphabet letter (like the 'O' on the onesie).
We also have these designs available:Whaddya think? Cute??
Thanks for stopping by.
And ENTER THE GIVEAWAY, for goodness sake! LOL
Pop in tomorrow for a more thought-provoking,
non-26 Letters in 26 Days post...

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