Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today's 26 Letters in 26 Days post is K: for kids, kindergarten and Kong. Although I teach kindergarten, several years ago I created a program for 4th and 5th kids at our school called Achievers "R" Leaders (ARL). [I got the idea for my program from Jennifer in Ohio, who is a friend of my great friend, Darlene.]

Please allow me to shamelessly brag on my kiddos by posting this video. This is on local TV 3 times a day all week. I HATE cameras (my profile picture is my cat, Kong), so the making of this video was more than a tad painful for me. But I was SO PLEASED with how it turned out, because the producer really captured the essence of ARL.

Woo hooo! My kids ROCK!! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by!

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