Monday, April 11, 2011

L is for LATE

Sorry I'm late...a day late and a dollar short, LOL! I am in a challenge at Boutique Challenge Group (I'll post the link at some point) and was up REALLY late getting that together. Our 26 Letters in 26 Days post today is all about the letter L.

L is also for LOVIE.
Check out our 4-Square Lovie...available in our Etsy store
and introductory priced! Obviously, this version would probably appeal to girls, but we have
LOTS of fabrics and could do a boys' verion as well.
Checkerboard design on the front, with adorable cotton monkey fabric
and satiny hot pink coordinating fabric...
And the plushest, cuddliest fabric EVER on the back!

Sadly, my spring break has drawn to an end
and it's off to work (school) I go. Thanks for visiting!

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