Thursday, May 5, 2011

And Z is for...

Zoey, of course! You surely didn't think I would do a post on our grandson Avery and NOT do a post on our granddaughter, Zoey...right?Those of you who have read my blog for a while are maybe sick of the panda hat picture. It's my favorite one of Zoey, just like yesterday's Avery pic is my favorite of him, so sorry. LOL

Rachel (Avery's mommy) and Sarah (Zoey's momma) worked so hard to make our March visit extra special, because it happened to fall on my birthday. We all know that our sons weren't the driving force in coming up with fun birthday stuff for me, right?!

It was SO much fun to watch our two grandbabies interact when we were there. Like this picture, for example...hopefully she's
KISSING him and not BITING, LOL.

No wonder poor Avery always looked like this when she was around, LOL!

Glad you could visit!
If you're not busy tonight at 8 EST (and if you "do" Facebook), pop over to Boutique Challenge Group's Comment Game. You'll see what I've been working so hard to create.

If you're not on FB, don't worry. I'll post some pics of the items soon! There is one item that is almost guaranteed to make you smile!

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