Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why Must I Always Have Animal Trauma?! Part One

Maybe I'm jumping the gun on this one. I hope so. I hope there's no part two.

Anyway, I remember seeing a thing on TV once about an intruder bird who lays her eggs in another bird's nest. Her eggs are noticeably larger, but the legitimate-owner bird does not seem to realize they are not all her own eggs. She will sit on the intruder's eggs, right along with her own. Once the intruder's eggs hatch, those babies push the other baby birds (or maybe the eggs?? Not sure if the other eggs get a chance to even hatch) out of the nest!!!
Yeah, you see where this is going. There is a nest on top of the light fixture on our porch. It's high up, so I stood on a chair and got up there with a mirror. There are 3 little blue eggs and two MUCH larger, blue/brown speckled eggs. I'm no bird expert, but I'm pretty sure the little brown bird who sits on the nest is not producing two radically-different types of eggs.

I DO NOT WANT TO COME OUT MY DOOR AND FIND DEAD BABY BIRDS OR SMASHED EGGS WITH PARTIALLY-FORMED BIRD EMBRYOS ON OUR PORCH. I'm an animal lover...vegetarian...don't think I'll handle baby bird trauma too well. I can tell you it will at least involve a lot of hysterical shrieking for my husband.

I emailed the Audubon Society and two other bird-advice places. Maybe I'm jumping the gun and the baby birds will all be friends. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for visiting. I'm off to sew something ultra-cute! Pics asap...

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  1. Then I guess you don't want to hear my story about the Fox snatching the Muskrat out of the pond and taking Hint - I don't they were off on a play date...