Friday, December 23, 2011

Lessons Learned #1: TRUST NO ONE

Our son Trevor sent me this text the other day:
Lessons Learned #16-
Don't give Zoey dipping sauce
if you want her to finish her lunch.

That got me thinking about lessons
I've learned in my lifetime.
So here you go with Lesson #1.
Without a doubt.

Well, maybe not NO ONE.
I'm selective.
I keep a REAL SMALL circle of people I trust.

More like DeNiro
than Mulder.
A recent debacle in my life
has reinforced this principle.
I let my guard down
and have suffered for it.
I forgot that lots of people
will smile in your face
while stabbing you in the back.

But now I remember.


It's not cynicism.
It's self-preservation.


  1. oh...sorry for the backstabbing..I hate it when peoples outside don't match the inside...

  2. This is SO SO relevant to me right now...
    I am going to print out the TRUST NO ONE and Circle of Trust images now to put up on my wall at work to serve as a reminder!!!