Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meet HARVEY!!!! Or Why I Never Want to Go to Prison

Here's Harvey. If you've been reading this blog, you know we adopted him from a prison in Virginia, Lunenburg, to be exact. Let me just say...OMG, I DO NOT want to go to prison. EVER. Razor wire.Loud clanging constantly. Guards with guns walking around. Guards with guns in towers. Reinforced, razor-wire enclosed gated areas with the gates on timers...I guess if you manage to get through the first gate, they have time to shoot you before the second one clangs open??????????? And did I mention that there's a lot of razor wire????

Anyway, the handlers (inmates who train the dogs) could NOT have been more professional!!! They were extremely knowledgeable, and just really, really...professional. We felt like we had a session with two professional dog trainers.

So anyway, I'm scared straight.
And Harvey is adjusting SO well.
He has definitely been abused at some point and can be EXTREMELY fearful. Loud noises scare him (the clanging in prison had him flinching constantly. Sudden movements scare him. Wiping his muddy paws scares him. Foster scares him.And there are just so many things he's never done. We could not get him to jump into the truck to go home...think about it, he has probably never ridden in a vehicle except in a cage. He had never seen steps until the handlers (who knew we have a two-story house), started working with him on a set of 3 steps.But now ol' Harv is running up and down our steps, wrestling with Deegan and beginning to understand that petting does not equal hitting.We are so happy to give Harvey the chance at a normal life. Well, as normal as a dog's life can be when he is ruled by Foster-the-Dog-Killer...

Thanks for sharing our joy!

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