Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So we used to have this adorable teddy bear hamster named Albie (short for Albert). He was the sweetest, silent-est little thing who really seemed to love people. The only time Albie made any noise at all was after we cleaned his cage. Hamsters are hoarders and along with his used bedding, he always had a little stash of goodies that we wound up throwing out. When we put him back into his fresh, clean cage, Albie would run all around looking for his stash and going, "MEEP!!"

We are in the process of tiling our downstairs floors, which includes my studio area (aka the dining room). All the floors are finished, except the studio. In preparation for tiling that area, we moved all my sewing and embroidery stuff into the living room. We unloaded a heavy oak storage unit so that we could move it and the contents are now in a bunch of cardboard boxes. Everything is functional, but I'm spending a lot of time wandering around, trying to figure out where things are. Albie, now I know how you felt! MEEP!!


  1. this was the most precious post/story.
    oh i hope albie is doing OK? u still have albert? - take care

  2. Hi debrabmaddox and GREAT profile pic! I just emailed you!