Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jot Journal - That Cool Project I Promised

I really like the idea of keeping a journal.
In fact, I like it so much that I have 3 pretty ones.
They're all blank.

It's the blankness that scares me. The fresh, crisp pages seem to call out for profound revelations. Sadly, my days are short on profoundness. And what if I had to scratch out a mistake?!
So here's my new Jot Journal. I'm jotting a few words a day, on non-scary index cards. I modified THIS IDEA on Pinterest so I could use a great old calendar for the dividers.
I decoupaged some pretty paper onto a wooden crate from Michaels. The whole project only took about an hour and cost under $6. The best part is that I'm actually using it.
Wouldn't this make a thoughtful gift for a busy mom?


  1. Could I seriously get 2? Obviously, one for Daniel and one for Ellie. :) Is it a month-by-month thing? If I'm allowed to give a preference... that's what I'd love! :)

    1. Yeah, mine is a month-by-month thing, with dividers between the months. I LOVE it! I'm not making them to sell, but I can loan you the date stamp and you can create one. It's really easy, and both cheap and fun to make. You can use whatever you want for the dividers...maybe Ellie's and Daniel's artwork?

  2. cute!
    I like the idea of journals. It's just not me. LOL