Saturday, May 12, 2012

When Friends Find Out You Sew...

Just Say NO.
I just hate it when a friend starts out, "You sew beautifully and I know you're busy, BUT..."

I have a hard time saying NO, especially if there's a sob story involved.

Otherwise, how do you explain me agreeing to quilt a king-sized top that a friend's recently-deceased mom had left her? KING-SIZED. On a home sewing machine. 'Nuff said.

My most outrageous request was, "Can you make me a simple one-shouldered evening gown for a party next week? Just clingy and straight." Yeah. The words 'simple', 'clingy' and 'one-shouldered' should not ever be uttered together. Fortunately, the words I'M SORRY, BUT NO did come out of my mouth.

The pic above is my latest LEARN TO SAY NO project. This time, for the school nurse. And there wasn't even a sob story involved. 

Long-time readers of this blog may remember this t-shirt quilt I agreed to make for a friend's son's graduation.
How could I say NO to a fellow teacher who is also a baseball mom? Obviously, I couldn't.
This friend has another son who plays baseball. He graduates next year. GUESS WHAT I JUST AGREED TO?

Sigh. I'm getting worse, instead of better...


  1. I know this feeling. I often end up with curtain requests. After all,those are supposed to take "no time at all". And when they show me what they've bought it's usually stretch fabric...

    1. LOL, stretch fabric for curtains. Those will hang real straight. The one-shouldered gown lady told me she'd buy the fabric. I can only imagine what she would have come up with...I'm picturing cheetah-print seersucker, LOL

  2. Those look really nice.
    Instead of having a hard time saying 'no', just say sure... I charge XX an hour. *grin*