Saturday, May 26, 2012

Soooo...Call It KARMA

I have a friend at school who is just the kindest person. Helen is positive, helpful, hopeful, loyal, etc, etc. You get the picture.

She is always bringing me great soups that her husband, Ruben, makes. They're made from scratch, delicious and if I didn't hate the term Clean Eating...I'd say that's what they are.

So it occurred to me one day that I NEVER bring her anything!! I thank her heartily, eat up her soup and return her Tupperware sparkling clean. True, I have made some hair clippies for her two adorable granddaughters...but still.

Helen's bag has an H. Chris loved Helen's and ordered the exact same thing!
I decided to make Helen an aqua/chartreuse monogrammed crossbody bag as a thank-you. Helen LOVED it and pranced all around the school, showing it off.

Helen promptly ordered two more for her daughter and one for her daughter-in-law, but both in a crisp black and white damask print. I whipped them up and Helen again paraded around the school with them.

Jen wanted a W, for her last name, so her first graders wouldn't all start calling her "Jen", LOL.
Jen, who teaches first grade, LOVED that damask print so much that she ordered one.

Followed in rapid succession by orders from the rest of the first grade team.

And some teachers in fifth grade.

And Chris, the nurse.

And teachers in second, third and fourth grades, several of whom ordered two.

And the music teacher. And the TAG teacher. And the librarian. And two SPED teachers. Again, you get the picture.

To date, I have made a whopping TWENTY-FIVE crossbody bags for teachers and staff at my school! Even with the "School Friends" discount, that is still a decent amount of cash.

You might call it a fad. I'm calling it good turn deserves another. And what goes around, comes around.

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