Saturday, May 5, 2012

YAYYYY for my Liebster Award!

Someone likes me! Yay!

How nice is it that I've received an award?! MC, over at Slair's Lair has awarded me a Liebster Award! CLICK HERE to see her post.

MC says, "Liebster, in German, translates to 'kind', 'likeable', or 'favourite' and this award is designed to point readers towards new blogs (pre-200 followers) that you may not yet know about.

So in the Liebster spirit, I'm going to do my own Liebster awards. Check out these awesome blogs!

1) Marlene's Many Hats - Marlene is SO talented and crafty...if you love talented and crafty, go SEE.

2) Ramblin Tam and Kaleidoscope Creations, BOTH by the awesome Tam. Ramblin Tam is my favorite...funny and fresh musings, which she calls 'ramblings about nothing in particular;. Kaleidoscope Creations is scrapbook-y and looks really informative.

3) Gibson Gang - music teacher extraordinaire, my friend and fellow chocoholic

4) abc, a brandie creation - Brandie calls it her journal of all things creative and she's right! She always has something fun to show, from quilty stuff to gardening and even a foray into woodworking!

5) Ten Acres and a Pond  - Even the blog title, Ten Acres and a Pond...even just the title makes me feel more relaxed! Join Nancy with her awesome before-and-after renovations as she makes her house a home..


  1. Glad I could share the love after all the smiles from reading your posts. I'm off to check these out!

  2. Wow! I am honored! :) I am certainly loving that we get to survive together in our crazy life!!! :) May the chocolate be always in our favor! ;)

  3. aw..... thanks!
    (great... now I'm under all this pressure to be amusing. hmm.... I could tell the story of how I ran a boat in the wall at Disney. Or not. :p )