Sunday, January 1, 2012

Be Mindfuls

(No, this is not my studio
but I sure LOVE those letters!)
So this year, for the first time in as long as I can remember...I've made no resolutions for the new year. Kim of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure allows as how resolutions just set one up for failure. Thinking back to my past resolutions...she's right. They rarely last through the first month of the new year.
This year, I decided to make 'be mindfuls' instead of resolutions. I'm going to continue to be mindful to eat right and drink more water. I'm going to continue to be more mindful of my blessings than I am of my frustrations (well, at least in theory). And I'm going to be really mindful of DOING MORE OF WHAT I WANT TO DO.

I seem to spend hours each dayrushing around, doing stuff that I HAVE to do. By then, I'm usually too tired to do anything that I WANT to do...other than staring at the Jane Velez Mitchell show or the Nancy Grace show.Since I HAVE to do the things that I HAVE to do...I'm not real sure how to work in more time for fun stuff. But last night, I made an effort and dragged out a hand-sewing project that I haven't touched in forever. I really enjoyed working on it- this project is special to me and I'll post some pics of it.

What about you?
Any new year's resolutions??

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  1. No resolutions - like your mindful idea. Happy New Year to you - I enjoy your blog!