Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shameless Bragging Wednesday

Shameless bragging on my kid!
Please take a second to
It will take you to the
ESPN Stats and Info blog with
INCREDIBLE graphics that our son
(Zoey's daddy) MADE FROM SCRATCH.

Using Photoshop.

He's self-taught.

And this is not even part of his
actual job at ESPN.

It's something extra that he does
because he enjoys the challenge of
teaching himself Photoshop skills
and applying those skills to an area
that interests him - sports.

Be sure to hover your mouse
over each player who appears to be
standing on a circle. You'll see
that player's stats pop up!

I hope you're as impressed as I am, LOL!

What a difference a few years
can make. If you're the mom of a
teenage boy, take heart.
More about THAT soon!

Thanks for stopping by.
Don't forget to click that link!

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