Saturday, January 14, 2012


Sadly, that is where I reside.
But I'm looking to relocate
REAL SOON.No, that's not my hand.
And I'm not sure you can glue
a computer circuit board.
But the glue gun looks familiar.

My old glue gun was a "hot mess",
as they say in South Carolina.
It leaked glue and produced giant blobs
which oozed out from under everything I glued.
I was almost relieved when it
finally glued itself permanently
to a paper plate.

In a fit of frustration,
I ripped off the paper plate and
donated the gun to the Goodwill.
(Buyer beware and I guess a
functional glue gun is better than none.)

So I bought this.It claims to be a "detail gun".
As in, I'm supposed to be able to
glue rickrack on things without
feeling like I'm gluing with a ladle.

Now it looks like this.Incredibly, the "precise" tip fell off.
The stand broke.
And I'm getting a sad feeling of
deja vu from the paper plate.

Anyone have a glue gun that you love?
Is it possible to get a decent glue gun
without spending a fortune??


  1. umm well i just use the $5 one from walmart.. ??? i dont know if this helps.. lol

  2. I got a cheap one from hobby lobby, and used their 40% off coupon. It uses the really skinny glue sticks, which I like a lot better! Seems when I squeeze the trigger, less comes out, so I do wrk more carefully. Maybe you can try that one that's like a saudering(sp) gun, but itclaims to be cool to the touch. Its on an infomercial.

  3. Oh...I am so frustrating...

  4. lol..tell u the truth..i love that blue one there...i fixed the tip by..putting a small cut ribbon inside so the tip got stuck...and with the stand..i never broke far...