Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Maybe It's Me

I just found two new blogs that I absolutely love! If I remembered where I'd first seen them, I'd give someone credit. Anyway, it occurred to me that the two blogs couldn't be much more different than they are! Looking at pics from them, I wonder how they would appeal to the same person. Scroll down. Is it just me, or do you love them both, too?

Here's the first one I found. It's called Handmade Ryan Gosling. Truthfully, I was not sure WHO Ryan Gosling was (one of those young actors that seem to get younger every year, apparently). But now I get it. People submit pics of him with clever captions. I assume most of the people are women who sew or are at least crafters, judging by some of the captions:

Ryan Gosling not my idea of "hot".
(I prefer this

or this),but some of these captions ARE funny.
At least to me.

The other blog is all photographs taken by some genius woman named Brooke Shaden and the blog is simply titled Brooke Shaden. Her photos are eerie and beautiful and haunting...at least to me. Here's my favorite so far:

the dance of birds

Is it just me, or do you love them both, too?


  1. If you looked at the pictures I enjoy and more importantly my iPod music you would definitely think I have multiple personality disorder. I think in some ways we are all like that. Different art appeals to different sides of us. I think it's great that you are interested in the different pictures.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the Handmade Ryan Gossling photos! They totally crack me up!