Friday, July 13, 2012

AllBrands Buyers - Be Very Afraid - Part One

Before I start...REMEMBER, tomorrow is the day of the Where Bloggers Create blog party! I'll be posting pics of my "studio" and am excited to peek into the studios of the other bloggers!

Okay, so...

Are you a fan of good customer service?

Do you expect to get what you paid for without a big hassle?

Do you like to resolve issues with one phone call?

When you leave a voicemail, do you expect a call back?

If the answer to any/all of these questions is YES,
then beware of buying from AllBrands.

My impression of AllBrands' customer service.

At least, this has been my experience.
You may have bought from them with no problem.
You may LOVE AllBrands.
Good for you.

On July 6, I ordered a replacement for my smaller embroidery hoop, size 126mmx110mm.

Before I placed the order, I called the little shop where I bought my embroidery machine, to see if they had the hoop in stock. I like to support local businesses when possible, even though at a distance of 37 miles from my house, this shop is not all that local.

The man at the shop said that they would have to order the hoop for me, and the price he quoted was several dollars more than the $50 I would pay to AllBrands.

AllBrands offers free shipping...when compared with paying for gas for the 74-mile round-trip drive to the shop, ordering from AllBrands seemed like a no-brainer.

Despite my worries over the potential slowness of free shipping, the hoop arrived in 5 days. Unfortunately, the hoop they sent is not the hoop I ordered.

What I ordered.

What AllBrands sent me.

The hoop they sent is for a different Janome machine.

That was Tuesday. I called customer service.
They were closed.

I left a voicemail.
They didn't call back.

I called on Wednesday and
spoke to a woman who took all my info.

Then she allowed as how a "Return Specialist"
would call me within 3-5 business days.

I told her that I realized this was company policy and not her fault, but that's pretty crappy customer service. I would wait 3-5 days and THEN finally be able to ship the hoop back. They would wait till it got back to them and THEN ship out the correct hoop.

After all, I had the packing slip
to prove it was their error and not mine.

She said she would email the Return Specialist
to try and expedite things.

It's Friday morning.
No Return Specialist has contacted me yet.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Yeah, I'd be aggravated, too!
    Hope they get the right one out to you very soon!

    1. REALLY aggravated. Still have not had a call from the Return Specialist. If I don't hear something on Monday, I'm going to find a corporate number and let them know their customer service stinks!