Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Are my husband and I the only ones who love zombie stories? I guess not, judging by the fact that AMC just did an entire zombie weekend marathon of The Walking Dead. So if I ever have a spare $24,000 lying around, I'm definitely buying myself THIS:

Z.E.R.O Kit, by Uncrate.

It has everything you'll need in order to stay alive in the zombie apocalypse. CLICK HERE to go buy one.

Oh, so you think this is all just a bunch of malarkey. Do you watch the news? Does a naked man eating another man's face on a highway off-ramp seem normal to you?

Just don't come trying to borrow my Z.E.R.O. Kit when you get overrun, that's all. It does include several rifles, after all.

Now if I could just find an abandoned prison to hole up in...LOL

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