Thursday, July 28, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Years ago, when Trevor (our younger son) was...oh, anywhere between 2 and 20 years old, I made this wish, "I hope someday you have a kid who is just as stubborn as you are! You deserve that!!" (The reason for the age range is that I expressed this hope repeatedly over those years. Child psychologists would have called Trevor "challenging". I called him a big pain in the butt neck. I didn't call him it to his face. I'm pretty sure I didn't.)

Anyway, while wishing this fate on him, I did not think it through enough to realize that I was also wishing it on another, totally-innocent person that I didn't even know at the time. Namely, Trevor's future wife, Sarah. Sarah, the mother of the future stubborn progeny.

Enter this adorable child.Seriously, COULD Zoey be any cuter?I think not.COULD she be any more stubborn?
That remains to be seen.
Miss Zoey is only 11 months old.
But that does not mean that Miss Zoey is a pushover.
Far from it.
Zoey loves to "type" on the computer.
She "types" while we webcam.
Just to aggravate her, Trevor will put his hand over the keyboard,
so that she can't get to it.
Zoey REPEATEDLY pushes his hand away and types like mad.
After a while, this starts to get "old".
Then Zoey HOLDS his hand out of the way
with one of her little hands
and types like mad with the other.
When THAT starts to get old...she SCREAMS. LOL
She is 11 months old and already showing her dad's stubbornness.
Her dad likes to call it "determination". LOL
Looks like I got my wish.
Sorry Trevor.
But even more...
COULD Zoey be any more stubborn?
Only time will tell.


  1. What a darling little angel...seriously, too cute for words!!

  2. She is quite the little spit fire!! She will definately keep you on your toes, and she will not give up without a fight when she doesn't get her way..she is very headstrong (i think trevor and i are both pretty equally to blame on that one, ive been known to do what it takes to get my way as well! lol)