Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Old Pics

I don't know about you, but I LOVE
looking at old pictures!
There's something about
the strange tint and dated clothing..
Maybe there's just something about
reminiscing about days gone by...

Our son, Trevor, needed a
digital version of a baby picture
so I scanned some last night.Trevor's second Halloween.
He was "Punkin Rock".
He confused the name
Punk Rocker with Pumpkin...

Mr. Attitude, Trevor, of course

The boys at Busch Gardens

Chunky monkey Trevor

Dan'l Boone had nothing on Travis

Trevor was always entertaining

And he was always into something.
Sometimes, literally...

Hope you enjoyed!
and it makes me happy
to know these old prints
can never be destroyed.
I'll be scanning more..,


  1. OMG that was great. I love seeing the boys that way.

  2. Thanks!!It sometimes makes me want to cry, looking at those old pics. I scanned a bunch more last night and will put on FB.