Friday, July 22, 2011

Reality Check

Yesterday was a pretty aggravating day. We are in the process of tearing up the flooring in our kitchen/hall/half bath/foyer. We're trying to decide what to put down instead. We are looking for something durable, not horribly expensive and not real thick, so that we don't have to run around and cut off doors to accommodate the new flooring. It was almost 100 degrees here yesterday and it was not fun to spend hours running around to flooring and home improvement stores. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.

Then, this morning, I received an email that jolted me into remembering what's important in life. Believe me, I get LOTS of organizations asking me to donate items for fundraisers. But this one stopped me in my tracks.

It's just unthinkable. They are trying to raise money to deal with the expenses of the adorable baby's sudden and unexpected death.

Click here for the Facebook page.

You better believe I donated an item.


  1. It is emails like that one that make you thank your lucky stars. You know, I just heard a thought or saying to live by.... If you were sitting in a room with a group of people and everyone was to put their troubles into a bowl. Then, you were to pick one from the bowl to take as your new trouble, you would be more than happy to keep your own.

  2. Thank you again for the donation - it was really great of you.