Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Justice for Caylee

I know I said I would not tell you my theories about what happened to poor Caylee Anthony. So if you're sick of the trial, you may as well click away, because I really do need to get it off my chest.

There are two types of evidence, direct and circumstantial. They are considered equally valid. After all, most murderers are smart enough not to kill someone in a crowd of witnesses, so MOST murders are solved by piecing together circumstantial evidence.
Casey at a 4th of July party while her baby girl decomposed in a swamp

The problem in this case was really twofold. One, the jury did not really understand their instructions and the definitions of some of the legal terms, such as reasonable doubt. And two, the jury did not take the time necessary to really go through the evidence piece by piece. They were sick of having their lives disrupted and rather than wade into six weeks' worth of evidence, they just went with their surface understanding and most importantly, with their gut feeling.

George Anthony

They did not like George Anthony and they thought he was lying on the stand, especially when he said he didn't have a mistress. I agree - he was definitely lying about the mistress. SO WHAT? There was NO evidence that he did anything to Caylee. And there was a mountain of evidence that Casey did something to Caylee.

Scott Peterson

Remember Scott Peterson, who is on death row for killing his pregnant wife, Laci and therefore, their unborn baby boy, Connor? Guess what! His case was solved by piecing together circumstantial evidence. No one knows how Laci died, either, but that jury was smart enough to listen to their instructions and understand that it does not matter HOW the victim died. It only matters who killed her.
Laci (and Connor) Peterson

I don't think 8-month pregnant Laci threw herself into the bay, although I guess that's theoretically possible. I don't think Caylee drowned in her pool and was bagged up and thrown away by her doting grandpa. I live with a doting grandpa, and I can tell you that is not a reasonable possibility.

Casey Anthony claims Caylee drowned. Her reaction was that she spent 31 days living it up and lying through her teeth. The afternoon of her child's death, she went to rent videos and then spent the next day in bed with her boyfriend. Casey never did report her child missing. I don't care what a grief expert says, this is not grief.
Casey in a hot body contest while her baby girl decomposed in a swamp

I could go on and on, but let me just finish with this: cadaver dogs don't lie. They don't get together to frame innocent people. They hit on her trunk and they hit in the backyard of their house after Casey had borrowed a shovel from a neighbor. I think Casey planned to pull up the pavers in the playhouse and bury Caylee under there. But digging is WAY harder than you would think, so she wound up staging a kidnapping by wrapping duct tape around her dead baby's head and throwing her in a swamp.
Gerus, one of the cadaver dogs in this case.

The only thing that makes this bearable is this: I really do believe that what goes around, comes around. Casey - I, for one, will be watching for karma to catch up with you.
It's only a matter of time.

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  1. Casey did not kill Caylee. Yes it is sad the little girl got murdered. There was nothing linking Casey to her death.