Saturday, August 6, 2011

Above and Beyond

I consider myself the type of person who goes above and beyond.
I'm just not satisfied unless I give it my best.

I really do try to live the maxim, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well."
Followed closely by, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."
And sometimes (like at 2:30 AM last night this morning, when I FINALLY finished sewing the garment that I had totally ripped apart at midnight),
"If it were easy, EVERYONE would do it!"
However, not everyone does goes above and beyond. If you remember the Momshots post (if not, click HERE to go read it), those photos were a great example of lack of effort. (And YES, you were all correct! Everyone who voted knew that the "Momshot girl" was the third pic in each set.)

And do you know what the really sad part is about those Momshot pics?
Well, guess what?!
A REAL one.
And just LOOK at how above and beyond she went in the adorable Miriam's photo shoot.Do you notice anything about that pic above?

How about this one? (Here's a hint...look closely at the watering can!)

Hmmm. Do you think Mom just happens to have a watering can with the exact same flower as the Michael Miller fabric I used in Miriam's top??

I think not. I think went above and beyond and PHOTOSHOPPED that flower onto the watering can. Was it mandatory? Heck, no. In fact, I really didn't realize it was even POSSIBLE. But Mom did, and she went ABOVE AND BEYOND to make me happy.
I love Miriam's expression on that one. She is OVER it!! LOL

You better believe I'll be using Miriam again!!!!!!!!

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  1. Thank You SO much! I am so glad that you like Miriam's photos. We had a lot of fun with this shoot and we actually planted wild flowers while we were out there! The outfit was gorgeous and is very versatile. Miriam didn't want to take it off and asked to wear it to bed and again the next day :) It was an honor and a joy to work with you. Your dedication shows in your work. Thank You again