Sunday, August 21, 2011

Waldorf Toys

NO, I DID NOT MAKE THIS! This adorable creation is from Fairyfolk and can be found HERE.
I love it when I learn something new, don't you?
I found this adorable mouse on Etsy and was intrigued by the term "Waldorf doll", which I'd never heard of. CLICK HERE to read the explanation I found.

From what I can tell, the basic goal with Waldorf toys is to
stimulate kids' imaginations. THAT struck a nerve with me. Any teacher can tell you that imagination is a rare commodity in kids today.

I think that a large part of the problem is that toys nowadays don't require kids to use their imagination. Some toys don't even really ALLOW it! For example, look at this doll:Cute enough and undeniably a happy baby.
BUT WE ALL KNOW THAT BABIES DON'T ALWAYS HAVE THIS EXPRESSION. (Trust me...I just came back from BABYLAND,and the babies did NOT always look like that!)

Sometimes babies are fussy or hungry or over-tired or over-stimulated or need to be changed or bored or hungry or goodness-knows-what, but they sure don't look like THAT a lot of the time. So that doll's frozen smile tends to limit the child's creative play.

Now look at a Waldorf-style doll:See how much less structured her face is? Look at her 'suggestion' of a mouth! This doll's mood could be anything the child cared to imagine.

And this does not just apply to dolls. THIS

would encourage imagination much more than THIS.

Now, don't think I've gone all "granola" on ya. After all, we are still the same Nannie and Pop-Pop who bought Zoey THIS

I guess maybe it's just good to mix in some of THIS once in a while!

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