Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crazy Eyes

I have them.
I just came back from my annual contact lens exam.
My pupils are dilated. REALLY big.
Which would not be so bad if my eyes were a lighter color.
Like this.

However, MY eyes are really dark brown, and they look more like this.

Like someone you wouldn't want to see if you answered your door.

Like the mayor in a Class-B horror movie called Wrong Turn into Psychoville.

I guess the bright side they will eventually fix themselves and look normal.
And in the meantime, at least I just LOOK crazy. Not like these people:

Not like Ted Bundy. There was no "fixing" that guy.
That last picture scares the H*ll out of me, LOL. You, too?


  1. LOL! Love some of those shots!
    Well at least yours will go back to normal and you don't have to worry about someone snapping a random picture of you looking like one of those crazy peeps!
    Mine however, dilate randomly and I never know when so I'm ALWAYS at risk of being one of those crazy pics you post! (Just one reason there aren't very many pics of me!) ;)


  2. if you are eyes are changing color that is a symptom of a possesion, a disorder in a brain function, the reality that you see is different form the reality that people see, in that case you need to see a doctor !!