Thursday, August 18, 2011


[NOTE: I just finished listing this jumper for sale. CLICK HERE to see more photos of the jumper on Etsy and CLICK HERE for Facebook.]
Okay, I think I've been hinting around that I have been up to something big. Or maybe I've only been hinting around in my own head, which is scary. Anyway, later today I will FINALLY be listing on Etsy and Facebook our FIRST garment for sale in our new line of boutique couture clothing!!!!!

So, without further ado, check out the ADORABLE Tasha modeling our Halloween Patchwork Jumper!!!!! OMG, COULD she be cuter?!Remember that post where I talked about going above and beyond? (If not, CLICK HERE to see a great effort and to contrast that with a POOR effort, CLICK HERE!)

Look at all the different settings, poses and accessories Tasha's mom came up with! She really showcased the versatility of our jumper in both warmer and cooler weather.Check out Tasha's giant purple hair puffs, polka-dotted sandals, cute purple witch hat, striped leggins' and even those zingy orange bows on her sneakers.Her pictures were back lightning fast and mom is a great communicator, too. Tasha has been ill these last couple of days, so mom let me know there would be a slight delay in shooting her pics with a long-sleeved shirt under the jumper.Tasha and her mom obviously take pride in their work. You'd better BELIEVE I'll be booking Miss Tasha again!!!!!!

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