Monday, August 22, 2011

A Rock

This is my house.

Really, it's not. But I do feel like it.

First, I didn't know about Waldorf toys (or Waldorf Education), which would not be a big deal if I hadn't been an early childhood educator for 22+ years.

And now, I somehow missed out on the next coming of Facebook.

I'm talking about Pinterest. (CLICK HERE to go there.) Pinterest is an online bulletin-board-type-thing where you can "pin" pictures of links that interest you.

(Get it?? PIN + INTEREST = Pinterest.) Hah.

I admit, Pinterest does not sound too exciting. But if you're like me, you've got really bad bookmark issues and were only waiting for some genius to come up with a solution.

Maybe you continually bookmark yummy-sounding recipes you find online, to the point where your list of bookmarks is ridiculous and you've got to scroll down it forever to find the link you're looking for and then you can't bake the darn cookies anyway, because the bookmark went into some strange folder or something.

Or you bookmark links to cool stuff you could actually make and forget what you called them.

Or you bookmark a bunch of similar things (like say, oh...maybe 10 different peasant dress patterns you like on Etsy) and then you have to visit EACH AND EVERY Etsy bookmark you've saved because you have no idea which link is the peasant dress with long sleeves and stripe down the front.
Or maybe you've resorted to creating bookmark titles that make you want to scream, like Peasant Dress With Long Sleeves And Stripe Down The Front, or Peasant Dress Kinda Like Twirl Dress But Not As Full, etc.

That's where Pinterest is so great. You can "pin" a picture, a short description and a link all at the same time onto your bulletin board, so you can find things easily. You can see cool stuff other people have pinned and you can re-pin it for yourself.

Like quotes:

and jokes:

and things that appeal to your weird taste in art.:

You can create different boards, so your links are not all smooshed into the same place. You can follow people with similar interests and people with similar interests can follow you.


And it's all FREE.

CLICK HERE to come see me on Pinterest.
Admittedly, I don't have much up there yet and two of my boards are totally blank, but cut me a break, I just joined this morning!!

And NO, I AM NOT A PAID SPOKESPERSON, LOL. I'm just the newest Pinterest addict!


  1. Thanks for this post! I've seen/heard SO much talk about Pinterest lately but wasn't completely sure what it was. Your description was exactly what I needed! :)
    Now, I'll admit, I'm still pretty busy with fb, my blog, and twitter, so I'm going to hold out for as long as I can, but thank you for letting me know exactly what it is (and how it could be great). :)

  2. I LOVE Pinterest!! You can follow me by searching for sewingnancyl... I think! lol