Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am BACK!!!!!!!!!! Did You Miss Me??

Did you even know I was gone?? LOL
We were in Grandbabyland, this time in CT.
Here are just a few proud Nannie pics of Zoey
(can you even believe she is ONE already?!??)
and Avery!!
They were hilarious together. Zoey kept doing things like this,
and like this,
which made Avery look like this.
As a kindergarten teacher,
I can tell you that they BOTH sit for an incredibly long time
when someone reads to them.
I was amazed. I read that book
5 times in a row to Zoey!!
I have K kids who can't sit that long for a story!!

Okay, just three more.
This is a giraffe hat I had custom made for Avery.Zoey got an custom owl hat, but she hates hats,
so this is Avery modeling it.And check out the cute Dora birthday dress
I made Zoey. She has matching bloomers, LOL!

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  1. welcome back, did miss ya. the kids look awesome. happy birthday to Zoey