Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Day Late

And a dollar short...the story of my life! We held evening conferences last night and I was really exhausted after I got home. I talked to 13 sets of parents...went over the same material (testing, reading levels, year-end K expectations) 13 times. At least all the conferences were positive and I don't seem to have any hostile parents. Yay!

So anyway, here are a couple more pics of my weekend output. I made 3 sets of bibs and burpies for a co-worker:

Isn't that turtle just the cutest thing?! Here's a closeup so you can see the edge detail under his shell:

Alright, off to school. And in a classic case of bad planning on our part, we have a field trip to a farm/pumpkin patch today. Bad timing...the teachers are all exhausted and there is the threat of a torrential downpour.

Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon, okay? And keep your fingers crossed for no rain!

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