Monday, October 25, 2010

Tote-ally Awesome

Okay, corny, but I had to. The first two are for the nieces of a co-worker. Dora is four years old, girly, "princess-y" and loves to dance. The colors are off in this picture...the pinks all actually look GOOD together, LOL:
Fofi (a nickname) is eleven-going-on-twenty, tomboy-ish, likes to ice skate and loves "cerulean, you know, that REALLY BRIGHT blue" (a quote by her aunt). I thought this revved-up bag might appeal to her preteen sensibilities. I think I nailed the blue color. It's actually much brighter in person!
I bought the blue fabric first, and I just couldn't believe it when I found that awesome ribbon in the EXACT shade of blue!

These next two pictures should look familiar - the bag is almost an exact replica of Addison's BOO bag. Would you believe it took a total of 23 emails between me and the lady who bought it (in my Etsy store) before we were sure MY mental vision for her daughter's tote matched HERS? Hope she likes it!

I'm glad you could stop by to visit! Come back tomorrow - I'll have more to show you!

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