Friday, February 11, 2011


I am. And I'm a little bit happier. Well, let's not really go that far...I've been in a funk, but at least I'm not in an EVIL funk right now.

How about some cute baby pictures? Here he is, showing off his "guns", as the cool guys call their muscles. I think he looks like he just scored a touchdown.

And here he is, celebrating his heritage. He's part Irish...actually, I'm not sure how much of a part...Rachel's dad is Irish, but really I'm not sure what Rachel's mom's nationality is. Geez...Italian, German and Irish...maybe he'll be stubborn? Stubborn and hotheaded? LOL

And speaking of cute babies, we webcammed with Zoey and her daddy last Weds, since her mommy was still working. Trevor (her daddy) put her on the floor and held the webcam so we could see her do her latest trick - rolling front-to-back-to-front-to-back, LOL. She looked like a little crazy bug. She's also babbling mama and dada. And trying her best to eat the webcam.

Trevor made his own momma's day by telling me (in passing) that while he was reading to Zoey...I said, "Wait, WHAT?" YES, my son is READING to his six month old daughter. I mean, I felt like her mama would read to her at six months, but I was just THRILLED that her dad is doing it, too. And GUESS what he was reading?! It sent me over the edge:
That book was his daddy's favorite book when he was a little boy. Arnold Lobel was his favorite author, including all the Frog and Toad books, Owl books, Grasshopper on the Road, It was one of the first ones I specifically bought for Zoey. (I"ve been buying books for "eventual grandchildren" since our sons were still in high school - one set for each son's children, double of each title. I'm a teacher, remember?)
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I'll try to post tomorrow or Sunday!

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