Saturday, February 12, 2011


Before I get into the meat of this post, let me offer this suggestion: If someone has done something wonderful for you, TELL THEM SOMETHING NICE. Even better, TELL THAT PERSON'S BOSS!

Okay, that was my public service announcement. I know you are going to get bored with a post without pictures, so I'm throwing in some random NICE stuff to keep you reading, like this:
Like many public service professions, teaching can be a largely-thankless job. Happy people usually don't take a moment to let you know how happy they are, it't that simple. Add to it that I am teaching 5 year-olds, whose parents can be REALLY overprotective. They are often not pleased to hear that there are things their little ones could improve upon.
One day I'll do a post about what I love to call Ugly-Grams from parents that I've gotten. These are notes (sometimes multiple-page) that range from the perplexing to the ridiculous- they are most often regarding something over which I have no control (cafeteria account, bus behavior, etc). However, being slammed for something that I did not do makes me mad, and this is supposed to be a HAPPY post, like this:

Good grief, get to the point!! (I heard that!) Okay, yesterday was one of those RARE days where someone took the time to write SOMETHING NICE. J--- started the year with what I'll euphemistically call "challenging" behavior. He would not do his work. He would not SPEAK, not even to answer simple yes or no questions, like "Do you have lunch money?", like this:
Without further ado, here is the note from his dad, without names, of course. Oh, and Deer Park is a magnet school:
Ms. E---,

Without you I don't think J---- would be nearly the quality of student that he is today. T---- and I both feel incredibly blessed by having you as J---'s teacher this year. Last year when he didn't get into Deer Park we were very worried about how he would do at R--- School. T--- then asked around for who was the best teacher at R--- School and your name came up repeatedly. Needless to say, you have exceeded every one of our expectations. The progress J--- has made amazes us every day, and a whole lot of that is because of your abilities and dedication.
If there's anything you need, or service you need us to provide, please let us know and we'll do our best to help.

Now THAT was SOMETHING NICE. And I suggested that since they are so pleased, maybe they should TELL SOMEONE, like MY PRINCIPAL, for instance, LOL!

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  1. That's AWESOME!!!! And I'm pretty sure I know who J--- is! :-) Those kinds of notes are too few and way too far in between, but definitely well deserved!