Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Funny K Story and Nannie Musings

Popping in with a couple of random thoughts. First, NOW I know what my good friend Helen meant when she told me years ago that her love for her grandchildren was like nothing I've ever felt before. In fact, my own mother said that about HER grandchildren (my boys), which probably explains why she let them do whatever they making them superhero capes out of hand towels and letting them jummp off the couch onto her back, LOL.

So what are my precious grandbabies doing? Avery can do "kisses" already! I know that you're probably a little skeptical. After all, he's only 3 weeks old. Even Nannie and Pop Pop were skeptical. The kisses hard to describe, but hilarious when you actually see them. Rachel held Avery up a few inches from Travis' head. Avery's face flopped forward onto Travis' cheek. THAT was the kiss, LOL. I guess there's plenty of time to work on puckering, LOL!

Rach has posted a bunch of pics on Facebook, so I'll be doing the proud grandma picture show here soon. I hope you'll bear with me. It's an electronic version of a Grandma's Brag Book and I know that when it's not YOUR grandchildren, it's a little hard to get through it.

Zoey is SITTING UP. She doesn't sit real long before she loses balance and topples over. She is BEAUTIFUL. She already has a lot more hair and the hugest eyes ever. Trevor is trying to figure out how to send us a video of Zoey saying 'dada'. (It's on his phone, but it won't send. He has played it for us on the webcam, but that's not helping me post it here. Ahhh, technology. Maybe he can video it again.)

Okay, on to my funny story. This happened yesterday and we were laughing about it all day.

My students were lining up to go to the cafeteria. "Z" came flying from across the room and shoved his way to the front of the line, resulting in a chorus of, "Z is PUSHING!!!!" and "You're not LINE LEADER, Z!!!"

I sent to the back of the line and said to the class, "We don't push into line, do we?" "NO!" they all yelled. I went on, "We don't push our way to the front because that would be WHAT?" I was expecting a chorus of "RUDE!"

Imstead. a lone voice yelled out "TRIFLIN!'" LOL

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