Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Favorite Thing

Hi! My name is Heredeegangoodpuppy, but My People call me Deegan for short. I am a Good Doggie and I love everybody and everything, especially other Good Doggies. And Youwantatreat? Youwantatreat is my Favorite Thing.

My People are my Favorite Grandpa Person and my Grandma Person and my Uncle Travis Person. And other Good Doggies, because they are my Favorite Thing.

I like my Cousin Good Doggies who live with my Uncle Travis Person and my Aunt Rachel Person and that Little Avery Thing (wait, is he a Person?? He was pretty small for a Person. I was confused about that.) And I was scared when he cried. I thought he was hurt. My Cousin Stella Good Doggie tried to bite me then. She is In Charge of the Little Avery thing.

And Car Rides, too. Like when Uncle Travis Person took us to the Good Doggie Park and I got to see LOTS of Good Doggies. That is my Favorite Thing.

This is me when I was a lot smaller and
lived in Jail with my Prisoner Person. I loved my Prisoner Person. He was my Favorite Thing.
He was nice to me and helped me be a Canine Good Citizen.

This is me with my Grandma Person.
I like to stand on my back legs and lick her face.
That is my Favorite Thing to do.

Sometimes I smile when I do it, like this.
Then Grandma Person laughs and says you're Too Big. Grandma Person is my Favorite Thing She helps me remember about Canine Good Citizen sometimes. It's hard to remember and I don't think Grandpa Person knows about it, because he lets me do what I want.
That's my Favorite Thing.

Maybe you would like to see my Nice Teeth. I know they are Nice Teeth because sometimes when I laugh, Other People say Oh My God Look At His Teeth because they are so nice. This is a picture Grandma Person took of them.

This is me with my Grandpa Person. He throws Red Ball for me A LOT and that's my favorite thing to do. Sometimes we sit on the Recliner Chair together and that is my Favorite Thing.
It is hard to see Grandpa Person in this picture.
Grandma Person says I'm Too Big.

This is me with my Uncle Travis Person.
He picks me up sometimes
and that is my Favorite Thing even though it makes me scared.

My Grandpa Person says sometimes I make an 'Orc Face' and lick my mouth like this.
Because I get scared because no one else picks me up because I'm Too Big.
My Uncle Travis Person is strong. He is my Favorite Thing.

I hope you liked my Pictures and I REALLY hope you come back next time to hear about Foster.I am scared of him because he is In Charge around here. Foster speaks Cat, so I did not understand when he told me he was In Charge. So instead he showed me with his Claws. A bunch of times. Now I know. He is not my Favorite Thing.

I have to go now because my Grandpa Person said come Have Your Pill. Have Your Pill is my Favorite Thing, because it goes with Youwantatreat?


  1. soooooo freaking cute!!!!!

  2. You have too much time on your hands. Now I know we are truly kindred spirits because only I can know why you would post a story like this. By the way the dog is TOO BIG~ LOL he is bigger than you!

  3. Doug (from Up) was the voice that read this in my head. Too cute :)